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This weekend saw the first ever car clubs unite meet, featuring five big car clubs; Twisted Torque, Uk Custom Mods, Yorkshire Motors, Cruise Creations and Modified Society. It was a  fantastic meet, each club bringing a wide variety of cars to the meet and even a microlight airplane. Hosted at Squires Cafe, it was free entry to the meet and just cars on show there was some pretty sweet motor bikes about.

Each club had their own stand, I parked up with the UK Custom Mods, although getting on the grass did prove to be a little more fun than expected. Lowered cars and steep banks don’t mix very well. The Uk Custom Mods had a strong showing bring a lot of cars to the meet and possibly one of the loudest cars there too.

Twisted Torque also had an amazing club stand, featuring some very nice examples of modified cars. They also brought along their resident sticker printer, which added to the fun of the day. Seeing all the one-off stickers people were having made, as well as snagging a couple of cheeky sweets that were on sale.

Cruise Creations have always had a close collaboration with Twisted Torque so it did make it a  little difficult to see where one club stand finished and the other started. But that was the whole point of this meet really. Cruise Creations have always been an easy going group of enthusiasts and I haven’t heard anything bad said about them ever.

The group that traveled the furthest was probably Yorkshire Motors, being based primarily in Barnsley the trek over to Leeds was very admirable. They filled their club stand with some fantastic motors, a perfect blend of modern and retro, with an old skool Nova and BMW boosting the ranks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to talk to Modified Society, they are an extremely welcoming group online and if it’s got an engine and you can drive it, they will have the time to chat with you about it. Not wanting scene politics to ruin meets it has no bearing on how the club is run. That also goes for the club stands, it’s first to come first to serve with these guys. If you show up, they will be more than happy to welcome you to car familia.

One of the cars that really stood out for me anyway was this Citroen DS3. Matt black with orange highlights is a strong colour combo and a brave move to sticker bomb a fairly new car. Generally, you tend to sticker bombing on the older cars, as it’s cheaper than paint and a wrap. This style won’t be for everyone but it is definitely a car that causes conversation.

Not going to lie, I full on fanboy’d over this Datsun 240. Being a massive JDM lover I couldn’t help myself, seeing one in such good condition and pretty much unmolested is phenomenal. After talking to the owner I discovered that the car had been passed down to him, so not only a cult classic but a family heirloom.

The last car I have to mention is this MK1 Scirocco, a tastefully modified classic. Back in my younger years, this was on my list of dream cars, well that and the MK1 golf. This Mk1, unlike some, was sporting some very clean paintwork, I can’t comment on the underside. As running a car that low on static coilovers is always going to take its toll on our wonderfully British roads.

The Car Clubs Unite meet brought together a lot of car enthusiasts from all across the north, and in my opinion was a fantastic success. It was a family friendly event, enjoyed by all. There was the odd bit of engine revving but nothing that was anti-social, everyone I met was happy to chat about their cars. Even got a few bikers admiring the machinery on display. The car scene can be quite a toxic place at time, with people not always getting and fair bit of slagging each others rides off

The car scene can be quite a toxic place at times, with people not always getting and a fair bit of slagging each others rides off. But that kind of mindset is going to kill the scene, it’s not welcoming to the younger ones coming through and the people that do stick around think it’s ok to act like that.

So, I for one am really pleased to see car clubs pushing the family friendly, everyone is welcome agenda. Keep it up.

Check out the photo album here;


Modified Society

Yorkshire Motors

Twisted Torque

UK Custom Mods

Cruise Creations

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