Am-Tech Wire Brush Set review

One of the joys of owning an older cars is that you will need to buy a wire brush set. If you don’t own one already, you’ve clearly not dealt with the rust.

I picked the Am-Tech Wire Brush set up for £4.99. Which is dirt cheap, what I expected with for them is to do the job. But I would burn through the heads as I worked on the car. For that price and in my experience, you by cheap stuff. It usually doesn’t last.

To my surprise though the brushes lasted, I was stripping off underseal and rust to patch weld a loverly little hole in my sill. They chewed through the underseal relatively easily. I didn’t want something as aggressive as a wire wheel on a grinder. Because I didn’t want the hole to get any bigger. So the extra time it took wasn’t an issue in this case.

Having a decent range of heads to choose from, meant the am-tech wire brush set was great for getting in to the little creases in the metal. It also allowed me to angle the drill in to a good place, so I was comfortable working.

Although on the packaging it does state a 3 year guarantee, the supplier I purchased from has a 12 month one. Which to be fair to them at this price and the shit I gave the wire brushes, I’m not fussed ether way.

So what you get is;

4x Wire wheel brushes
1x Cup brush
1x End brush
1x Hand wire brush with plastic grip

To be honest I didn’t really use the hand wire brush much, but I’m sure having it in my tool kit will help at some point in the future. The rest of the brushes were great, easy to chuck in your drill and away you go. I don’t have the most powerful drill, so you may want to bare that in mind when reading my review. As the brushes may wear down faster with a stronger drill.

To grab yourself the Am-tech wire brush set click the link below;


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