2 Ton Blue 80mm Low Profile Hydraulic Trolley Jack review

So when needs must and your bank balance says no, you buy a cheap trolley jack.

To be fair to this jack. I can’t complain too much. At £20 it’s done the job.

It has a relativity low entry and does lift the car to a decent height. It managed to get the car on the second slot on my axle stands. Which is a tight squeeze for me but still enough room to work under the car.

What did take a bit of getting used to. Is the release valve being, a little twist knob just to the left of the jacking handle. To lower the jack you have to take the jack handle out and use it to twist the knob. Which is pretty difficult to control the release speed.

The build quality is pretty good for a cheap trolley, felt solid when under the car. The pivoting jacking plate allows you to get decent purchase on wishbones etc.

Overall I’d say I’m happy with this jack. If you are looking for a cheap decent trolley jack. Just to do the odd jobs on your motor I’d recommend you buy this one;



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